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Leveraging Technology


Community Development 

Project 229 2030 Incorporated, operating as Peach State Innovation and Technology, is a 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization (NGO) formed to improve community development through the deployment of technology; to support and conduct nonpartisan research and initiatives that leverage technology

to foster digital upskilling and community development ;

and to educate the public about how technology can be used to promote community development, activity

and improve quality of life.

Over the past thirty years, communities throughout

the state and country have been adversely impacted by the loss of industrial jobs due to facility closures, relocation, and attrition, leaving an unfilled void in terms of workforce earnings and economic prosperity.   

The introduction and  investment of innovation and technology  resources can afford, particularly in

rural and  underserved communities, an opportunity 

for upskilling, diversification of community economies 

and subsequently, the restoration of 

community and economic vitality.

We anticipate that our mission and initiatives will have positive regional and statewide effects and implications. 

For instance, many of today’s digital technology opportunities are available via remote work / telecommuting.  This paradigm shift potentially allows individuals to benefit financially from these opportunities without having to relocate, which subsequently, will be immediately beneficial to their respective local economies. 


Also, by facilitating STEM skills development in the state, 

we are encouraging human capital investment, ensuring that the state possesses, equips,  produces, and retains a talent pool that has the requisite skill set to meet current and future digital economy job challenges .

Our Initiatives

The Georgia-5K™ Initiative

The Georgia-5K™ Initiative  has the undertones of a race and it is a race of sorts.  The initiative is an  effort to highlight the human capital in that exists in our communities while promoting and encouraging state-wide computer science skills development. 

The objective is to have 5,000 individuals within the state to learn a programming language on Codecademy or 

The Essentials of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology by IBM developerWorks.  The platforms are available at no cost to the user (although Codecademy is a freemium site , free and premium access, free users have sufficient content to learn the programming language ) and are accessible from anywhere via a data connection. 

The 5,000 individuals that learn a coding language or the essentials of blockchain technology and provide evidence of completion (Codecademy screen shot for coding language or the Acclaim  success verification link for Blockchain technology essentials) will receive 5 PeachCoins, a complementary currency and medium of exchange, having an exchange equivalence of $500.00 USD.  

The STEMphasize™ Education  Initiative  has the purpose of facilitating the bridging of the STEM skills gap by providing to  (Pre-K - 12) schools and educators quality, digitally delivered,  STEM Common Core and Next Generation Science standard curricula to establish state STEM certified programs within their respective school districts. 


Additionally, Peach Tech will acquire  and distribute to select rural and budget conscious public schools and districts, STEM educational resources from Kid Spark Education and

littleBits Education Solutions.  These resources  are used by educators in school districts across the country and  come with standards-aligned curriculum and activities that foster logical, critical, and creative skills in children and adolescents. 

Skills that are and will continue to further the advancement of STEM oriented occupations and opportunities. 






Complementary Currency 


The PeachCoin Complementary Currency Program 

is a program launched to foster community economic activity and development through the use of PeachCoin, a complementary currency operating on Ethereum blockchain technology.  By developing a complementary currency system on blockchain technology, it affords the opportunity to explore and observe one of the many benefits of blockchain technology in practical use. 


The PCC Grant Investment Facility is the program by which capital investments in communities will be coordinated.

Through the PCC Grant Facility, we will inject up to  $500 million dollars of capital investment into state  community economies through the allocation of

5 million PeachCoins ( NS21), a cryptographic complementary currency and medium of exchange developed on Ethereum blockchain technology, to facilitate, maintain, and encourage local spending, community investment while providing community economic stimulus and activity.  


The investments will be awarded, considering

settlement hierarchy, in a construct similar to

community block style grants and distributed to participating communities/municipalities, and business enterprises.

A brief pdf presentation link for the complementary currency  program and grant facility  is available here.   

Grant participation verification requirements are available for individuals and businesses.    Feel free to contact us

with inquiries or for application.



Where Community Development, Economics, And

Blockchain Technology




Peach-Fi™ ISP LLC  

is a 

Georgia based


fixed wireless broadband provider that will deploy last mile broadband solutions to residential and commercial customers 

in 36 Georgia communities over the next four years.